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Latest Opinion Posts
Do You Really Mean That? Detecting False Affection Online
Most people you meet will be honest, authentic, potential companions or paramours. Remaining attune to reading red flags allows you to avoid wasting time on dishonest posters, giving you more time to find that someone special.
Femininity Breathing Last Gasps in School Sports
If the identity if produced by mental illness, sexual perversion or teenage loophole exploitation and results in physical harm to others, well that’s a small price to pay for perversion affirmation.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
Nation's Demise No Longer Stuff of Hollywood Fiction
We can live and vote on our values and act on our constitutional rights daily. We must invest ourselves in our communities while we tell our political class this is unacceptable. We can do it and win.  Pray indeed. Our nation’s survival depends on us all.
Trans Activists Want Women Erased
For all parents who want to make sure their daughters are protected. How can they learn when they have to fear for their safety on a daily basis? And what are taxpayers funding now that radical inclusion has become such a threat? It’s time we all take a closer look.
Weakest Link for EV's Is in China's Supply Chain
American EV consumers who ride along will be left in a ditch along with dealers who lack essential inventory and profitable markets.
Panic in Climate Camp: Alarmists May Be Found Wrong
How can they say global warming is caused by gas stoves, jet airplanes, and internal combustion engines when we went through global warming long before these items were even imagined.
How and Why Lent's Message is 'Countercultural'
Admittedly, Hefner is an extreme example of what happens when self-denial is trashed. But his effect on the culture, via “The Playboy Philosophy,” has provee to be lasting and destructive.
Putin's Appeal to U.S. Audience Duplicitous
Ukraine defended its independence and fought the Russians to a stalemate, which is a victory, considering a difference in their military potentials. Russia cannot win. But Putin cannot tolerate it.
Advantages of Tax E-file Outweigh Risks
Electronic returns do not require much human attention. IRS computers, outdated though they may be, can easily compare declared income with information sent in by employers, banks and other investment firms.
Ala. Supreme Court's Embryo Ruling Embodies Legal Heritage
The secular Left's weeklong meltdown notwithstanding, Americans should be grateful for the Alabama Supreme Court's clarion affirmation of the Anglo-American legal tradition, as well as the inherent dignity and moral worth of unborn life.
Trump Assets Case Harms Rule of Law
The legal and philosophical essence of wrongness is harm. The law does not concern itself with trifles or with theoretical wrongs, but only wrongs that have caused palpable and measurable harm.
Biden Order Enables Border Human Trafficking
This misguided reversal of a Trump policy opened the border to massive trafficking of women and children and its time to lock the door again. Now. 
Biden Traps Veterans in the VA Corral
Now, to abuse America’s beloved veterans even further, the VA spent $63.6 million in Fiscal Year 2022 to process illegal-alien health claims, even as the medical paperwork of US citizens gathered dust.
Can We Really 'Drain the Swamp'?
Donald Trump likely will not be the last to proclaim “drain the swamp.” Neither was he the first. That was George Washington himself. And it almost bankrupted him.
45 Years Ago, Saint Lucia Gained Independence From UK
Forty-five years ago, on February 22, 1979, Saint Lucia became the 51st country to gain independence from the United Kingdom. The country remains part of the British Commonwealth, with Charles III as its King.
Police Crisis Has Reached Small-Town America
Most recently, the town of Moose Lake, Minn., joined fellow Minnesota towns of Goodhue and Morris in disbanding their police forces.
America Now the Land of Excuses - How Long Can It Last?
As we look towards the future, the success of our nation hinges not just on economic or military might, but on the common pride and unity of our people. If we lose that, the shortages we face at the supermarket today might just be the very least of our worries.
As Long as Jews Are Seen as Subhuman, Atrocities Will Continue
Jews and Israelis are seen as subhuman. That is why, without a second thought, a social worker can join forces with, and even become, a mass murderer and mass rapist and kidnapper.
As Trump Is Targeted, So Are We
In a flagrant display of judicial overreach and political vendetta, President Donald Trump has been ensnared in a financial debacle meticulously orchestrated by the old guards of Washington, D.C., and progressive liberals.
Quality of Life Ebbs as Tide of Migrants Rises
New York is Migrant Central - the No. 1 destination in the country for illegal border crossers - and it's no accident. New York's Democratic politicians benefit from the deluge.
Bible Played Indispensable Role in Our Founding, Presidents Knew It
In our highly secular age, we have been largely cut off from our Judeo-Christian roots. It's time for America to rediscover the indispensable role that the Bible played in our nation's founding. 
Congress Must Relentlessly Fight Modern-Day Slavery
On Feb. 13, the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Reauthorization Act with a vote of 414-11.
Golden State May Learn Single-Payer Mania Has Hefty Price
The California Guaranteed Health Care for All Act, AB 2200 seeks to ban private health insurance and enroll all state residents, including those currently covered by Medicare and Medi-Cal, the state's Medicaid program, in a single government health plan.
Bidenomics Is an American Nightmare
In previous generations, Americans aspired to achieve a better standard of living than their parents. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the American dream consisted of "good jobs, a nice house, two children, and plenty of money.
With Biden, Foreign Policy Sacrificed on Altar of Domestic
Immediately following the Oct. 7, 2023 massacre, in which innocent Israeli citizens — men, women, senior citizens, and infants, were slaughtered, mutilated, tortured, raped beheaded, and incinerated, the Biden administration appeared staunchly supportive of Israel’s right to self-defense.
No Need to Wait for Arc of History Before Judging Joe Biden
While the American people have rendered judgement that Biden is elderly, enfeebled, and forgetful, they know well he is seemingly one with streaks of mendaciousness, shallowness, and insincerity.
As Gov't Redefines Culture We Suffer in Mind and Spirit
The American culture is a tolerant one. Perhaps too much so. But we also seek harmony. And so it is that our people who are negatively affected by the implemented changes have arrived at the place of unwilling acceptance.
Apathy Enables Undermining Rule of Law, Under Cover of Law
This new despotism goose-steps on, amassing more power every day until one day, any responsible citizen will be looking over his should every time he speaks wondering when and how America’s coup d’état happened. It is happening now, permitted by our apathy.
Now Saving a Child's Life Is a Federal Crime?
Mother Teresa would be outraged to know how the FACE Act is being used by the Biden administration to arrest, try and convict peaceful anti-abortion adherents whose only goal is to save babies from abortion and their mothers, from a lifetime of regret.
Elegant Relaxation at Virginia's The Omni Homestead Resort
“The Homestead,” as it’s affectionately known, is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Hot Springs, Virginia. Native tribes were the first to discover the natural sulphur spring, which Thomas Jefferson enjoyed to ease his arthritis.
Gotham Desperately Needs a Leader, Adams Isn't One
If the City is to survive, New Yorkers in 2025 must choose a new mayor who is not afraid to take on City Hall’s radical leftists, to rescind their destructive fiscal, economic, and education policies and to restore law and order in City neighborhoods.
Mr. President, Let's Start Using the Arrows of Presidency
Mr. President, look at the Great Seal of the United States. The eagle holds, in equal measure, olive branches on one side and arrows on the other. Let us start focusing on the arrows.
Does Antisemitism Explain Feminists' Failure to Condemn Oct. 7?
Under today's leftist paradigm, Israel, and by extension all Jews, are regarded as privileged oppressors while those adhering to many of the same social justice crusades tucked inside the feminist umbrella are labeled as "oppressed."
Early Intervention Key to Stemming Gun Violence
Eighty percent of the public favors commonsense regulation of guns. Instead, we have a patchwork that varies from state to state, and uneven enforcement. Every time we have a shooting, we take to our separate sides, and nothing happens.
Biden Bull Market, Since When?
Most of the gains in the market have only made up for the miserable returns in Biden's disastrous first two years in office when stocks lost almost 15% of their value.
Do Americans Trust Either Party?
Voters as a whole won't give either party, or any set of ideologues, full, long-term control over their lives — not even enough control for coherent national policy in major areas like immigration and diplomacy.
Media an Arm of Democratic Party, Especially on Immigration
That’s the dilemma in today's America for Republicans. You can’t win an argument with someone if they never hear your side.
Is GOP Seeking Political Outcomes or Sideshows on Border Issue?
And if the Republican Party is a political entity, don't voters have a duty to understand political realities, including that this was a unique moment to achieve their cherished objective?
Reflect on Black History: Embrace Service, Love
Reflect on Black History: Embrace Service and Love
Trump's Unorthodox Methods Expose Failures, Rattle Elites
Criticism of Trump's NATO doctrine, which dismisses it as an isolationist provocation offering nothing new or beneficial for U.S. policy, overlooks the results his unorthodox methods have achieved in spurring significant policy revisions in other areas.
'Blinking Red Lights' - Our Border a Terror Gateway
When FBI Director Christopher Wray was asked by senators in December 2023 if he saw "blinking red lights," a reference to the warning signs America missed before 9/11, he replied bluntly, "I see blinking red lights everywhere I turn."
Is Tucker Carlson Right About America's Cities?
Today's "experts" insist that protecting property and demanding self-control is "racist." Nonsense. Allowing crime and violence isn't "anti-racism"; it's anarchy.
For the Flying Public It's a Lose, Lose
Exactly how deaf or blind can one be before FAA diversity bureaucrats perceive any practical problem in employment involving airplanes flying at hundreds of miles per hour?
Fascists Would Rejoice Over Antisemitism
Out of nowhere has burst the most unequivocal racial hatred against Jews in the history of our great nation. It is not safe to be a Jew on college campuses now.
Blaming Companies for Inflationary Pricing Wrong, Cowardly
President Joe Biden wants to remind you that your Super Bowl party was more expensive than it used to be. The reason, he claims, is corporate greed and "shrinkflation.
Are We Facing the End of Women's Sports?
Females should never be forced to compete against biological males in sports at any age, or at any level; this is common sense.
Have We Forgotten the True Value of 'In God We Trust'?
"In God We Trust" is more than just a slogan — it is a testament to the enduring influence of Christian values on our nation's identity and heritage.
Give Blacks Economic Opportunity, Not 'Social Justice' from Gov't
Data shows that winds of political change are blowing among Black voters.
Are ​Pols' Social Agendas Legal Robbery to Bribe Voters?
The public must also play a role in holding elected officials accountable for the misuse of taxpayers' dollars. Through advocacy, activism, and voting, taxpayers can demand greater transparency and accountability from their representatives. The time to denounce this is now.
Viable Mideast Peace Hinges on U.S. Diplomatic, Military Prowess
The road to a viable Palestinian state demands incremental progress, economic stability, and a commitment to periods of demilitarization to achieve ultimately peaceful coexistence.
Blacks Reject the Left and Its Standard Bearer Joe Biden
Rather than make a positive case for these unpopular progressive policies — including those of the Biden administration — the main thesis appears to be that the skeptics are bribed or somehow on the take in exchange for “selling out.”
Hostage Families' Emotions Pushed to Brink
For parents who have suffered with the reality but also the fears of what their child is going through, the wait and worry have pushed their emotions beyond the brink.
Biden's Age Saved Him, Which Is Why Shouldn't Be President
But Hur offered he would not charge Biden, 81, because the president likely would present himself to jurors as a "well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory." That's probably how Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping see Biden as well.
Will '24 Prove to Be a Race All About Women?
The great thing about the four women in my sights is that they are all identifiable by their first names.
Stop Letting Triggers Control You
You need to learn, perhaps through psychotherapy with a counselor who gets it, how to express your concerns, emotions, confusions, pain, fears, and so on without putting the other person on notice that the slightest thing would hurt you into virtual withdrawing.
Time for New Zero Tolerance on Human Trafficking
Seventy-two percent of human trafficking victims in the U.S. are immigrants. In 2023 —147,000 unaccompanied migrant children entered the U.S.; that’s 12,000 children per month.
Biden Must Bring Relief to Real Estate Consumers, But Will He?
The Biden administration previously announced initiatives to protect consumers from billions in "junk" fees, while doing virtually nothing to protect consumers from the NAR-MLS anticompetitive monopoly rules.
Hold Big Tech Accountable for Endangering Children
Bullying. Fentanyl trafficking. Suicide content. Sexual exploitation.For years, these harms have spread like wildfire on social media sites, hurting children and teenagers most of all.But time after time, Big Tech companies-from YouTube and Instagram to TikTok and...
Will Super Bowl Offer Bud Light Chance at Redemption?
Those thinking that Bud Light will never come back don't understand marketing. Marketing is the art and science of satisfying needs now. Not yesterday, but now! Marketing addresses the question: what have you done for me lately?
Did Biden Contribute to Nation's Mortality Rate?
As the 2024 election campaign intensifies, Trump should hammer Biden for his multiple public health disasters, including deaths from COVID, heart disease and drug overdoses.
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