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Latest Opinion Posts
Public Schools Would Rather Terrorize Than Teach Our Kids
No matter where a public-school student is located in our country their experience is basically the same: they’re bombarded with a Pavlovian-style, Communist, beyond immoral, conditioning program of brainwashing.
Sure, Biden Looks Doomed - But Is He?
Gavin Newsom is so eager to run for president that he even campaigns to insist he's not running.That's what he did last week, when the California governor went on Fox News to debate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is officially in the race.Why does a Democratic governor...
Will Trump's Hospital Price Transparency Rule Resurge?
The federal government's new price transparency rule marks an important victory in the battle for market-based health policy. But the war is far from over.
Israel Losing its PR Messaging, Social Media Could Help
Trying to research this column was one of the most frustrating writing experiences. Last week, a LinkedIn post by "Don't.Look.Away." could not be found in a routine Google search....
Remote Learning Shortchanges Kids
If conservatives had launched an initiative that damaged public school performance to this extent, the media would be all over this story and would be demanding that elected officials who supported closures be held accountable.
Is Team Biden Jumping Israel's Ship?
Borrowing advice former "Iron Lady" British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher gave to former President Bush who was perceived by many as rather weak-spined following Saddam Hussein's 1990 invasion of Kuwait, I'll redirect this quote to the current president."Remember Joe,...
Will NY Ever Learn That Liberal Experiments Don't Work?
A half century ago, New York City's "Liberal Experiment" failed.After a generation of runaway spending on anti-poverty programs, instant welfare and housing supports, a massive health care system plus shameless budgetary gimmicks, the Big Apple ran out of money in April...
Lowering Defenses Never Brings Peace
President Trump deployed the "Mother Of All Bombs" to obliterate an Islamic State tunnel complex in Afghanistan. He didn’t have any major issues with terrorists after that. Trump later had Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani killed with a drone. He didn’t have any issues with Iran after that.
Good Riddance to George Santos
Due process? Santos is complaining that he was deprived of it, but it's hard to see why. Serving in Congress is not a right. It is not a license to lie. It is a privilege, and one Santos plainly had no right to.
Are There Solutions to the Silent Epidemic of Loneliness?
Many individuals may receive benefit through therapy and counseling, that can explore and identify personal sources of distress or emotional trauma. Reconnecting socially, even slowly and perhaps superficially in some cases, will help individuals recapture hope.
No Climate Lemmings Here: Conn. Pulls Back from EV Cliff
There is a way to handle the EV versus gasoline car question without resulting to government edicts or tax giveaways. It’s called the free marketplace. Gasoline cars beat horse-drawn buggies without government help.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
'Dorian Gray' Portrait of Ireland Shows It Dying from Within
The Irish establishment sees liberal politics as the little glass slipper it has to make fit to be accepted at the global ball. Once a nation that punched well above its weight in intellectual circles, Ireland appears to have watched its last public intellectual die a quiet death.
Mom's Love Irreplaceable
"If you were to die right now and come back tomorrow as a newborn, would you rather be in daycare, have a babysitter or nanny, or have the daily, loving attention of a mommy, and loved all day?"
DC Rally Showed Jewish Americans' Indomitable Strength
Bipartisanship and the eschewal of mudslinging reigned at the largest pro-Israel rally in American history, indispensable civil values sadly missing in recent years.
Noem Resonating with Voters
In the fast-approaching 2024 presidential election, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem's name often appears near the top of the list...
Tributes for Rosalynn Show Differences Can Be Set Aside
In today’s political climate, it is hard to find the moments that unify us as a nation, as when they do take place they are often overlooked by the media, but they are moments that we should cherish and be proud of as a nation.
Future Viability of Zionism Rests With Netanyahu
In the aftermath of the Hamas Holocaust of Oct. 7, anything short of complete eradication is inexcusable; no citizen in a first-world country can live with such a genocidal specter constantly looming.
Kissinger's Last Advice on China, Russia Worth Heeding
Despite recent highly publicized efforts by China and Russia to demonstrate their new cooperation and friendship, Kissinger doubts China and Russia can ever work well together because.
Mayorkas Has Biden's Confidence, but He Doesn't Have Ours
If ever a cabinet secretary deserved to be impeached it is Mayorkas. His “dereliction of duty” is leading to needless deaths in our country.
Has China's Economic Miracle Peaked?
There is a school of political theorists known as "declinists" (e.g., "Debbie downers") who share a common assumption that the United States will inevitably be displaced as the global hegemon by another power. This view has been expressed repeatedly in academic lounges and...
One Watchful Eye Can Forge Worthwhile Defense Against Malware
Every American represents a point of entry to a U.S. company, system, software, or our government as a whole. Remain alert. One watchful eye can forge a worthwhile defense in our chain of national security.
Restore Power to Parents to Fix Broken Culture
Recently published projections for the U.S. population from the U.S. Census Bureau present a picture that should concern every American. It's a snapshot of a dying society.
Recalling Chris Slattery an Anti-Abortion Hero
For those who may not know his name, he fought for the one truth that protects the dignity of all, that we are made in the image of God and are therefore equally valuable without partiality. 
Free Markets Still the Best Way to Go
Friedman's critics are right to treat him as a monumental figure. His ideas helped make trade freer and school choice mainstream. His clarity in contrasting markets with government opened many eyes to the benefits of capitalism.
We're Overlooking Scripture, That's Not Good
Although many point to the influences of the Enlightenment, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome, it is the predominant Judeo-Christian influence that defines Western civilization.
Christmas Display Shows No Tolerance of Christianity
The National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin, is hosting a Festival of Trees representing 66 organizations. Two of the trees have ignited a backlash: one by a Satanic group, and the other by an LGBT group.
Israel Rightfully Defending Itself Is Not Genocide
The crime of genocide requires the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group. It is patently absurd to impute such a horrible intent to Israel.
Bronco Buster Statue Apt for Speaker Johnson's Job to Tame House
House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., should borrow from the Smithsonian a Frederic Remington statue of the bronco buster for his speaker's office. Johnson presents as capable of governing his fractious Republican majority.
Trump's Brand, Policies Scare and Threaten Left
Far from the authoritarian dystopia portrayed by the media, many Americans see Trump's policies as simply a return to sanity, and a welcomed alternative to the current dismal reality.
GOP's Path to '24 Victory Not Assured
The 2023 elections should be a wake-up call.
We Need to Learn from NYC, and Fast
Mayor Eric Adams lines up support for his reelection, and New York residents pick up the tab.
Is Next Taxpayer Bailout for 'Too Big to Fail' China?
Are you ready to be on the hook for nearly a trillion to save the CCP? Our "fancy" class of Ivy League elites, media intellectuals, government quislings and globalists have watered at the Mao trough at our expense for years. How about they pay the tab?
Israel Not Engaging in Murder, Hamas Is
Focusing on Israel murdering innocent civilians has become the story. Not the fact that the Red Cross has not been allowed to meet with hostages or to distinguish between that which is true and that which is pure propaganda. So yes, people are still dying.
9/11 Group Expands Mission to Leave No Veteran Behind
Frank Siller says today it was on that walk near Shanksville that he was inspired by the people he talked to about this growing problem of homeless veterans.
Dems Have Ejected JFK's Legacy
It isn't RFK Jr. who is rejecting the Kennedy brothers' legacy, but President Joe Biden and the modern-day Democrats.
How Original Biden-Burisma Whistleblower Can Defeat Deep State
With the prosecution of Donald Trump and his supporters in full effect, the deep state is ripping the mask off and going full Soviet-style totalitarian in preparation for the 2024 presidential election.
Only Strong Leaders Will Preserve Future Jewish Generations
The ideological synergy among left-wing politicians, professors and several prominent Jewish groups helped foster an unsettling academic landscape.
Why Hamas Invasion Is Turning Point for Election '24
Whether or not Israel can make the Hamas invasion and its subsequent atrocities a turning point in global opinion, it has decisively turned the American people away from the Democrats.
R and D Cuts Won't Propel US Gov't, Private Sector Forward
We have the combination of strong government plus a strong private sector needed for major technological progress. If we don't wise up, the future may belong to China.
Time to Separate Tech and State
Instead of giving government more power over social media, defenders of free speech should work to separate tech and state. An excellent place to start is pushing for passage of the Free Speech Protection Act. Big tech censorship is a problem created by big government.
In Spite of the Left, Jesus Still the Reason for Christmas
Let's cut to the chase. The holiday we are commemorating with trees and cookies and songs is called Christmas. Jesus is the reason for the season.
Want to Restore America? Bring Free Speech Back
We are losing our country to the Democrats' radical, extremist progressive ideology and their assault on free speech through government censorship of conservative voices on social media, and the draconian regulation of speech on college campuses. We the people must fight back.
Erdogan's Pro-Hamas Turkey Is No Place for US Nukes
Last week in the Turkish Parliament, Erdogan called the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel, a “terror state” and said its “end is near.” His government actually harbors members of Hamas and he has described Hamas terrorists as “resistance fighters.”
'Abortion Rights' Winning? Not So Fast
The narrative is summed up in the headline of a recent Politico article: "Abortion rights are winning in red states."I say, "Not so fast."The abortion lobby has always been eager to spin the narrative that the public agrees with their position. But their position is...
Help Israel Defeat Hamas
Israel need not do this alone, nor should it.
17 Percent: Oswald Acted Alone in JFK Assassination
On Nov. 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Sixty years later, 17% believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone while 61% believe that others were involved.
University Donors: You've Made a Mess, Clean It Up
On campuses antisemitism has slithered like a snake out of the fevered swamp of hatred where it has resided for far too long and made its way out into the light. Who allowed it to live there in the first place?
60 Years Later Oswald Remains Undeserving of Martyr Status
He was guilty of our then young-president's murder, not just beyond any reasonable doubt but, in the words of the famous prosecutor and author Vincent Bugliosi, "beyond all doubt."
Essential Cybersecurity Tips for Secure Holiday Shopping
Digital adversaries are particularly active during the holiday season, employing tactics like phishing, ransomware, and adware to take advantage of the increased online shopping activity.
Dershowitz: Palestinians Share Hamas Guilt
Hamas is responsible, morally, legally, and politically for the civilian deaths that were the predictable and indeed intended result of the Oct. 7 attack. These civilian deaths were intended to shift the focus away from the Hamas barbarities.
Marriage Still Best for Kids and Adults
Two parents provide more to kids than money. She notes that a "child born in a two-parent household with a family income of $50,000 has, on average, better outcomes than a child born in a single-parent household with the same income."
Israel-Gaza War: No Room for Moral Relativism, Shades of Gray
Israel has a right to become a one-state solution nation. Hamas must be eradicated. America must stand with Israel and allow it to bring regional civility to its entire homeland in a one-state solution, if they choose.
Campus Intolerance, Hostility Can Be Countered with Faith
Students must learn to own their faith and understand the foundation of their belief systems. We should ask if we are challenging students on why they believe what they do is true. Are we creating a place to develop theological foundations?
How Hamas Is in Conflict with the Quran
In brief: ironically, Hamas attempting to define the Arab-Israeli conflict as an Islamic issue rather than a political issue brings them into direct conflict with the Quran itself.
Is 'Scourge of Anti-Muslim Attacks' a Myth?
We live in an upside-down world lately, where wrong is right, common sense is trumped by "feelings," and facts no longer matter. And so it is that the Biden White House, in the wake of the worst Islamic terrorist attack on Israel in the 75-year history of the Jewish State,...
Have We Lost Freedom of Speech?
Here is a pop quiz: If the states ratified an amendment to the Constitution repealing the First Amendment, would we still enjoy the freedom of speech?
Free Speech Doesn't Extend to Intimidation, Threats, or Violence
The transformation of American campuses into hotbeds of irrational and violent behavior did not happen overnight.
Netanyahu's 2009 Views of Two-State Solution Compelling
Netanyahu said "In my vision of peace, in this small land of ours, two peoples live freely, side-by-side, in amity and mutual respect. Each will have its own flag, its own national anthem, its own government. Neither will threaten the security or survival of the other."
Mainstream Thought on Gaza Shifting to the Unthinkable
Of course, the cogent question is if Arab migration is ruled out, what is the future policy that Israel is to adopt? Clearly, the two-state option is no longer feasible
FTC Khan's Activism Threatens US Industry
Biden's controversial, activist, Federal Trade Commission chair, Lina Khan has a long history of advancing so-called progressive politics in the name of destroying American industry.
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